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Jupiter the planet symbolic of learning wisdom and divine blessings enters libra, the natural sign of pleasure from September 2017 for about 13 months,that is, October 2018.

The individuals who are simple,honest and committed to their cause shall experience it the period of maturity and growth while the cunning ones who reply upon  double standards may be exposed as the mythological asura planet venus is not comfortable with the mythological sura planet  guru.

Libra is basically the sign of balance ,however, many of the balances shall stand disturbed during the said period; personal relationships, in general shall suffer;particularly when one of the partner is successfully less open ,the apple cart may no longer be running smoothly.


During Bhakti Yuga the devotees considered it auspicious to take Kaashi Karwat, about 4-5 centuries ago ,there are couplets of Meera etc about desire of spending the final years of mortal life in Holy city of Kaashi.

The eclipse affects class of ruling elite who keep an ambitious bizarre philosophy that there is nothing like right or wrong and eventually the end justifies the means…

Saturn re-enters scorpio

2017 from 21 June to 26 October Saturn the  planet of destiny moves back to scorpio.

Saturn’s retrograde transit is a significant time for those who find saturn  a karaka in their birth chart or annual/horary chart.

Most of those who feel they suffer for years on account of such circumstances that are beyond their control shall find a reversal of fortune during this transit.

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Re: Shani’s transit to Sagittarius& passage thru Gandant

Postby revribhav » Wed Jan 04, 2017 11:46 pm

quote{–The acute Gandaant position of shani will be between Jan 20th and Jan 31st….and shani will be hugely problematic for those born in that window}.

In my humble experience of last two and half decades,a gandant is relevant to muhurtha branch of astrology.
When a human native is born,merely a gandant saturn (of the most slow moving planet)cannot make that person either fortunate or un-fortunate.
Saturn’s gandant positition may affect the generations attitude though.

Personally,I feel I the destiny has blessed 8th house saturn to enable me an iconoclast against superstitions.

The ancient astrology did not approve of lovemaking when the moon was either weak or absent; however the occasion of Diwali is an exception.

Despite absence of moon in the traditional sense, it is considered an auspicious time for many activities that are usually not approved because of weak/absent moon.

Summary by J. Scarlet From the books, Snakes in Suits by Dr. Paul Babiak & Dr. Robert Hare, Corporate Psychopaths by Dr. Clive Boddy, Working with Monsters by Dr. John Clarke & Without Cons…

Source: Characteristics of Corporate Psychopaths and Their Corporations

Saturn the planet of eventual justice and discipline transits scoropio the biting sign,those who are vulnerable oppresssed and victimized shall feel a bit of intense resistence in the first half the second half may bring destiny’s showers of relief.


It is happy transit for the fighters for a cause.In the second half of June 2014 transit Jupiter has entered cancer,the rasi owned by moon.
For around one year those who dream shall find a bit of reality in the dreams.
 It is a gochara that serves desired push for optimistic and dynamic oriented natives.

Besides cancer preapring for some changes including sudden ones

Aries,Libra,capricorn natives,those who have moon,ascendent or prominent name starting with cardinal sign are expected to feel the intense effects.


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Sun, Athma Karaka is the soul of kalpurusha,the king of the planets,it is the original source of light.
The Moon,in particular as it is the universal karaka for mind
Moon is also widely accepted as symbolic of water
About 70 percent of the Earth’s surface is water-covered, and the oceans hold about 96.5 percent of all Earth’s water,the average adult human body is 50-65% water.
Specifically in female charts,the moon cannot be ignored as the moon, period and tides are attributed to interact with the electromagnetic fields of our bodies,

Rahim,one of the inimitable wise poets,says in 2 lines about water:

“Rahiman paani raakhiye, bin paani sab soon:
Paani gaye na obare, moti… manus…choon”.

(translated: Hey, Rahim, learn to keep (preserve) water, without water nothing survives,
Sans water, Pearl loses its luster, mankind its legitimacy, lime its effervescence.)